Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thanks, Maya

So, we were sitting in the office Sunday night playing a game with the kids. The game is Gulo Gulo, by the way. Not important to the story, but a good game to play with kids and adults. Anyway, Josh was talking about his friend Jalen's birthday party which is coming up this weekend. There was no way we were going to have time to shop, so we hit upon the idea of giving Jalen one of Joshua's Hanukkah present duplicates. We hadn't returned them and we bought him a personal DVD player instead. He had forgotten about the gifts and the DVD more than made up for the returns, so, those were sort of in the gift pool. I said to Josh, "How about if we get Jalen a Spiderman lego set like the one you have?" Josh thought about it for a second and said "Wa-hoooooo!" He was in a bit of a hyper mood. And then Maya chimed in "You mean like the present of Josh's we returned?" I glared and shushed her. Somehow, she felt she hadn't quite been helpful enough yet. "Ohhhhhhh. You mean we haven't returned it yet." Thanks, Maya.

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