Friday, January 13, 2006

Hi, Fox News? I'm an idiot. Can I have a job?

Ok. I was walking out of the cafeteria here at work. They installed TVs so we can have FOX News piped in all day. I know. Yay. What would you guess they were running? The tragedy in Mecca? Sharon not coming out of his coma? The Alito hearings? Heck, even the emperor's reconstruction trip to New Orleans? Nope. They title on the bottom of the screen? "Kong V$ Gay Cowboys". That's right, the incredibly newsworthy issue of a movie about homosexuals doing well. Apparently, they are trying to say that Kong got unfair reviews and is not getting the buzz of Brokeback because of the secret homosexual agenda. I didn't stay for very long. Just long enough to watch the liberal fodder pointing out that the conservative expert was not using facts to defend his point. *sigh*

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