Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacation: Day 1

Day 1 shouldn't even really count. It was only a vacation in the sense of the root word vacate, as in "we vacated California". Our flight was at 1, but we were up at 7 to finish packing and prepping the house for our departure. We were to the airport by 11 and the plane left on time. We connected in Salt Lake City and went on to Boston. The flight was more than a bit bumpy and the movie was "Drillbit Taylor", but there was no real suffering beyond that. I think we only encountered one inconsiderate person all day! We landed at Logan at 11:30 but didn't leave the airport until 12:30. Checkin at the hotel was slow because "the computer slows down when it isn't being used". We finally crashed at 2. So, why the crap have I been awake for 3 hours already?!?

FYI - The inconsiderate person was encountered when we were on the shuttle from the rental car place to the airport. We rent cars one way instead of driving and parking or taking one of the airport shuttles. Contrast: One way rental - $37 including gas. Shuttle for 4: $125+. At any rate, we were on the shuttle waiting to get dropped off at our gate, but the driver had to pick up arrivals, too. After a couple pick ups, we were pretty full and there was no room on the luggage rack. The driver was ready to leave when this woman ran up and tried to get on. He pointed to another shuttle from the same company two cars back and just waiting to pull into the spot he was vacating. He explained that we were pretty full. She insisted on getting on THIS shuttle and piled her luggage in front of the rack, making it difficult for others to get their stuff. I suppressed the urge to say something to her.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Wish I'd Said That

But I suppose it is funnier coming from a 7 year old. No, this one is not from Josh, though I may teach him to say it for entertainment purposes. This one comes from a theater friend. She has a 7 year old daughter that Josh sometimes plays with. We'll call her Sage. Sage was talking to their new pastor one Sunday after church while her mom was talking to another friend nearby. What could go wrong? I don't know what the pastor said to her, but the best guess is that he asked "Why do you do X?" Her response? "Oh, I just do it for the laughs, the money, and the beer." What more could a seven year old possibly need?

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