Thursday, May 05, 2005

Software Engineers

Here's an important tip when working with software engineers. See if you can spot my mistake. I am the safety coordinator for our department. (No, volunteering for the post was not the mistake.) As such, I am responsible for conducting a 30 minute safety training once a month for eight months of the year. I don't have to do it, I just have to see that it gets done and that everyone is accounted for. I hunt down the stragglers and such. Of course, I do do it, because it's fun...

Well, these engineers always complain that the topics are lame and contrived and are a waste of our time. The fact is, our accident, injury, and illness rates are extremely low, resulting in good insurance rates, resulting in bonuses. So, all in all, they are not a waste of time. Anyway. Whenever I get after people about one of my meetings, they grouse. I repeatedly ask for feedback. They have none. I sent out a form asking for suggstions. Got 0 back.

So, today, I decided to make it even easier for them. I found a list of all the available topics and sent it out to them. I even put X's next to the topics that had been covered in the last several months. All they had to do is tell me which topic they wanted, or propose a new one so we could develop it.

Here is the list.

X Fire Safety
X Back Injury Prevention
Compressed Gas Safety
X Electrical Safety
X Ergonomics Safety
Freight Elevator
Hand Tool Safety
Hazcom Safety
Hearing Protection
X Heat Stress
X Housekeeping
X Laser Safety
Material Handling
Portable Power Tool Safety
PPE Safety
Pulse Power HV Safety
X Stress Management
Team Up For Safety
Hydrogen Bromide
Workers Comp-Injury Reporting
EAP Tailgate
Respiratory Protection
Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Fork-lift Refresher Training
Hand Protection
X Environmental Awareness Training

Did you spot the mistake?