Tuesday, May 17, 2005


How's this for a stupid idea? This guy is starting a movement to have people wear red on Fridays as a way of showing support for the troops. As if these non-support fads hadn't invaded my life enough. How many guys over there do you think even stop to think what we're wearing back here? And if you were a soldier, and you saw a bunch of people in red on a Friday, would that make you feel any better about what you had to do or had just done? "I have to leave my newborn child for six months, but those red shirts make it all worth it."

Apparently, the red is to symbolize the blood spilled. Perhaps we should wear green on Tuesdays to symbolize all the money we've sunk into the war. You know. As a way of supporting the troops. Mondays will be blue for dual symbolism. First, it symbolizes the ocean separating us from our loved ones. Second, blue can also mean sad, and we are sad that they are away. Wednesdays will be purple, to symbolize all the purple hearts given out to soldiers maimed in battle. If we all wear purple, it's like we're telling the soldiers, "When you get hurt, WE get hurt." Weekends, you can wear what you want. Nobody wants to support the troops on the weekend. That's OUR time. We can't be thinking of colors while we are out spending and consuming. So, let's recap:

Blue Monday
Green Tuesday
Purple Wednesday
Red Friday
Free nights and weekends

Oh, and if you wear yellow on Thursday, you're a fag.
Edit: Apparently, this was just a Fall River thing. When I was in seventh grade, if you wore anything yellow on a Thursday, you were considered to be a homosexual. Since I didn't want another reason to be ridiculed and abused, I steered clear.