Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh, snap!

There's your daily dose of youth lingo. I've heard it from time to time on TV, but hadn't heard it in real life until this past weekend. In the past, the context I had heard it in made me think it meant something along the lines of "Boy, he/she realy got you good." It usually came on the heels of someone dissing another person with a clever line. the meaning is apparently broader.

So, we were at the beach and Maya and I were headed out to the waves to boogie board. As we stepped into the shallows, I saw what looked to be a lost article of clothing slowly drifiting in. It was a whitish color with purple piping. I thought perhaps some guy had lost his swim trunks. As I got closer, I realized, it wasn't a swim suit. It was a jellyfish larger than my head! And it was mere inches from the foot of a ten-year old boy. I grabbed him and pulled him up, no doubt startling him. I said "There's a HUGE jellyfish right behind you. You almost got stung." He turned around in disbelief and saw it. "Oh, SNAP!" he said as he jumped away from it.

Oh, snap, indeed.