Friday, May 06, 2005

Sign Wars - Update

Well, I've gotten a little more fun out of this. Not sure how far I'll take it, but I think it needs to go at least one more week. Here's what happened. I put up this sign: Image hosted by
I did it Tuesday morning before anyone got here. So, there were no witnesses. I spent much of the rest of the day in the lab, so I was never really in the area, although I did swing by at one point to glance at the sign from the end of the row. People had already begun graffiti-ing it. The revised sign said something to the effect of "Donuts are FDA approved for Monday Morning Munchies. Donuts are healthy and give me gas."

Karma asked me about the 'donut' sign. "What sign?" I asked innocently. "The sign about the donuts," she told me helpfully. I went over to look and had a laugh. She asked again, "Was that you?" I lied. "Nope." She was flustered. "Then who did it? Gene said it wasn't him." She had asked Gene if he thought it was me. He snorted and said, "Ya think?" He had seen my efforts to match the font the preceding week. Of course he kindly withheld those details. Gene and I helpfully pointed out the other practical jokers in the department. She dutifully went to them all and showed them the sign. They all denied it.

I was quite pleased with this turn of events. The sign was getting far more exposure than it would have if she had just ignored it. There were no donuts left and so, there was no reason for anyone to look there. She gave them a reason. She asked me three more times during the course of the day whether or not I had done it. I repeated my innocence, but not too strongly. I didn't want to arouse suspicion. "I asked 10 people and none of them had done it." "Maybe you just asked the wrong people," I suggested. "No. That's almost half our group." Obviously, if she has asked 10 out of 28 people, and hasn't gotten the answer, it can't be had.

She said that she didn't care, but her zeal to find out suggested otherwise. I live to fight another day. Suggestions for next Monday's sign? My first thought is lacking something: Image hosted by