Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Viva Mexico!

So, we are leaving for San Felipe in less than 4 hours. The car is almost loaded. Who needs sleep. Sleep is for the weak. Until we get there. Then, sleep is for me! ;-) I have some Terry Pratchett for the drive, some good healthy snacks, and mucho agua. I don't have that slick feature that lets posts trickle out at predetermined times. So, I'm going to publish this article to tell you there really aren't going to be any posts until I get back on Sunday. I'm also going to throw another post in there that will be post dated. You'll see it before it is supposed to be there, but no la importa.

Repeat after me. Dos cervezas, por favor. No mas tequila. Donde esta el bano? Digame! See you on the flip side!