Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Acetone in gas?

Gas prices are soaring, but I'm sure they are legitimate as President Bust said he would "not tolerate price gouging" at the pump. My wife and I both have Toyota Camrys, which are both better than trucks when it comes to MPG, but not by a whole lot. I thought the Camry was supposed to get great milage. Turns out, for mine, the combined mileage is 26 MPG. I'm only seeing 23. So, clearly, my car needs some tuning, but it isn't going to get much better. And I'm about a year away from a Prius or Insight or similar purchase. So, I've been searching for anything I can do that might improve my fuel economy. That's when I discovered this. It's a wiki on using acetone as a fuel additive. As near as I can tell, if you find the right concentration for your car, you can squeeze an average of 20% more out of your fuel economy. For me that translates to 4.6 MPG or about 70 miles per tank or 2-3 days more per tank. I'm going to give it a try and report my results later.