Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Before I post anything else, I really feel like I need to comment on Katrina. I've been collecting my thoughts on it. I've read several good posts on the subject. Some have been political and some have not. I agree with Steve that this was far worse than 9/11. September 11th was tragic and shocking in the same way as Pearl Harbor, but the loss of life and property paled in comparison to tragedies such as Katrina and the tsunami. We could focus our anger after 9/11. Someone was responsible. With Katrina, the impact is far worse and farther reaching. We can't attack anyone to feel like we've avenged our fallen. We are the culprits through negligence, ignorance, and incompetence. So, instead of feeling united and motivated to great acts, we are ashamed, disgusted, and saddened. Those are not good building blocks for recovering from a tragedy.

My heart goes out to the victims, surviving and not. More importantly, my money goes out as well. Cymer is doing a dollar for dollar match for all employee contributions to the Red Cross. That will help in the long run. In the short run, they need supplies. There is a volunteer organization on the ground there that is not governed by the red-tape as the governmental agencies. If you send them supplies, they will distribute them. If you send them money, they will buy supplies locally. The address for supplies is

Volunteer Kitchen, Food Bank and Distribution Center
Pine View Middle School
1115 West 28th Avenue Covington, LA. 70434
you can make monetary donations at the Veterans for Peace website.