Friday, September 09, 2005


So, it didn't take anywhere near as long as I expected for me to hear Katrina "humor". It was on a radio show called Mancow's Morning Madhouse. Think poor-man's Howard Stern. It's bad enough that this piece of trash replaced an entertaining morning sports show that I used to enjoy on my drive to work. The station is sometimes on in the morning because I check the scores on my ride home in the evening and forget to switch it back to NPR. Tuesday morning it came on, and before I could change the station, I heard them doing a "bit". It was a fake commercial advertising "Girls Gone Wild - New Orleans". Apparently, it's funny to juxtapose clips of real women complaining on the verge of tears that they have no food or water for themselves or their children with a studio guy doing an exaggerated black man's voice saying "Take off your shirt." Then another real clip. "That's no reason you can't take off your shirt" Another clip. "But you still should take off your shirt!". If you et a chance, go to their website and let them know what worthless human beings they are.