Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What's the past tense of "Coming Attractions"?

Around the beginning of the year, B.O.B. pointed out that I didn't do particularly well on delivering the posts that I said were upcoming in my now ancient Coming Attractions post. I believe he commented that I had listed a dozen and delivered 4. In baseball terms, I'm batting over three hundred. I should be getting paid millions! I don't suppose you'd believe that some of them got bad reviews and went direct to video? No, huh? Well, I got curious and decided to take a look back and see how I did...

Here is the original list of promised posts:
Slug gets married - I was waiting for some digital photos of the wedding to accompany the story. I've gotten a few recently, so I may revisit this. The event is no longer fresh in my mind, so it may be difficult. Or else I'll just make stuff up. 0-for-1

Go, Packers! - The story of our move. This still needs to be written, and now that our last dealings with the moving company are complete, I can write it. 0-for-2

First Aid for Rope Burns - Ah-hah! This is one I did. See, it's right here. 1-for-3

The House Buying Saga Continues - By now, you have all seen pictures of the house. Oooooh. 2-for-4

More adventures of Almost Puking Man - You know, I'm sure I didn't post about it. And, although I don't remember the occasion, I know I have put myself in a position to almost puke and resisted it since then. 2-for-5.

Safety Training - This was going to be about our mandatory safety training here. There was some funny stuff there, but the moment has passed. The cover of the laser refresher handout says "Do not look into laser with remaining eye". 2-for-6

Tell me a story - Been there done that. 3-for-7

Battleground, Ohio! - This was going to be a story about some ionterviews I heard with Ohio residents and how scary it was that they would be deciding the election. I say scary because very few of the interviewees had talked about any of the issues. Not very topical at this point. 3-for-8

How one lucky Massachusetts resident can win a free pair of shoes! - This happened. James won the shoes. But did he end up going to the store and getting them? 4-for-9

Pirates - Needs some research, but worth doing. 4-for-10

There's a new Sheriff in town - Didn't do it. Was waiting until I developed the film in the disposable camera. Procrastinated it by then. May do a general Ren Faire post. 4-for-11.

Blast! I started this post with the intent of gloating triumphantly at the end. The best I can come up with is: There were eleven, not twelve. Ha! Not much grounds for gloating.

I think I shall make and save drafts of all the ones I am still interested in writing. That way they will taunt me every time I log in. That'll work. Yeah.