Thursday, September 02, 2004

Win A Free Pair of Sneakers!

This is not a gimmick. This is not a hoax. The winner of this contest will get a certificate that is good for one pair of New Balance athletic shoes from the New Balance factory store. The certificate doesn't list a maximum value, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to impose one...

You are probably wondering how I can make such an offer and how you can get in on it. Well, I'll tell you. Lynnea won a New Balance prize package when she was volunteering at the YMCA in Merrimack, NH. The package included a variety of things including a really nice NB gym bag. Contained in the bag was a certificate for the sneakers. Well, we procrastinated on getting the shoes. We knew there was a NB Outlet in Nashua, just minutes from our house. We never got there. Then this California thing came up. I persuaded Lynnea to let me have the certificate since she could never remember to use it. I got to the store on the day before we were to vacate our house permanently and looked at the certificate. Two problems. First, that store is no longer a New Balance store. Second, the certificate is only valid at the stores in Lawrence and Brighton.

So, if you want the shoes, here are the caveats:
* You have to be able to get to Lawrence or Brighton
* You have to use it before December 31, 2004

Since this is a contest, we need to have some form of entry. How about this. Tell me why YOU deserve the shoes. A celebrity panel of judges will determine who is most worthy. If I don't know th winner personally, they will need to contact me by private mail so I can get their address to send the certificate. Good luck!