Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Zug claims to be "the internet's only comedy site". While I find that claim to be a little overstated, it is a funny site. I went to ZUG's pranks page and read a couple of the pranks he pulled. I'm not sure how many of these fall into what I would consider a prank. I haven't read enough of them yet to give a fair categorization...

In the first, he pretended to be a 10 year old boy doing a government project. He asked all 100 Senators for their favorite jokes to help him in his goal to become a comedian when he grows up. There was some amusing stuff in there as well as some commentary on who was not funny. He used false pretenses to get the information, but I wouldn't consider the results embarrassing to the Senators. So, I don't think it was a prank, per se.

The second I read was "The Viagra Prank". It was a multiphase project with a few goals. The first was to see how easy it was to get the drug. The second was to prank call customer support. And last was to test one of the medical claims of Viagra. So, this one was a combination of research project, prank, and stunt. I say stunt because the claim he chose to test was that V will only give you an erection when sexually aroused. So, he took it an hour before Church!

It was kind of reminiscent of Steve Don't Eat It! Not as side splittingly funny, mind you, but I plan to be a return visitor to Zug to see what he tries next.