Thursday, February 24, 2005

Good time management?

I was going to make a comment about an observation I made today when a couple of other thoughts hit me. I must be easily distracted today. Thie first thought was that, depending on where you put the pauses and inflection, the subject of this post could mean different things. Do I mean:

A. Good-time MANAGEMENT?: Happy go-lucky bosses and their antics!
B: Good TIME management?: A question about whether or not something is an effective use of time?

Sadly, it's B. Though A might be more fun to write about.

The second other thought is, does "observation" imply that it is visual? Because, my observation was auditory.

I was in the loo today and while taking care of business, I heard the sound of key-clicks coming from the next stall. I glanced down and there were shoes there with rumpled pants atop them. There is no doubt about it. They guy next door was working on his laptop while voiding himself. So, is that good time management or is it just creepy and gross?