Friday, April 15, 2005

Josh's new thing

Well, it's not actually all that new. He's been doing it for a few months now. But before now, it was a kind of self-contained game. Now, it has continuity. The way it works is he tells you that you have a present. It's got imaginary wrapping and is centered around him. You open it up and he holds his hands in front of him like paws and starts barking. Then he says, "You got a dog!" Now, these are special, Scooby-Doo style talking dogs. They don't speak clearly, but they do speak. Usually, he is the same dog, Mimi. Mimi is a boy, by the way. One Saturday, he was twenty or so different dogs, each with their own names. Maya and I were out, so Mom got that special treat. I usually just get Mimi. Yesterday, we added Remo to my dog collection.

Now, the reason I say he has added continuity is that sometimes Mimi goes places and Josh tells me that he misses him. Then we play an elaborate game that involves Mimi's return. The part of the game to watch out for is when he licks you!