Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Star is Born

Ok, maybe not a STAR. But we are all pretty excited here at BriWise. If you look here you might see why. I'm not sure how long the cast list will stay up, but as of today it is there. Maya had her first real audition for a play and got a part! Shis is going to be Little Rabbit in the musical version of "Winnie the Pooh". During the audition, she had to sing a song solo and read from the script. She sang "For a Moment" from "Little Mermaid II". The show was supposed to be for ages 8-16, and there were more kids in that range than there were roles, so they didn't NEED to cast her. I'm pretty sure her role won't include a solo, but the audition notice said that they were looking for experienced performers and first timers should not be disappointed if they don't get cast. Woo-hoo Maya!