Friday, January 14, 2005

Mmmmmmm. Salsa.

Today was Fiesta Friday at work. The lunch special was corn or flour soft tacos with a couple of sides and a drink for $5. Good quality stuff, too. They also had a company in to demo their products, to go along with the theme. The company is called Maria's. I should have asked if they had a web site. A google search on the terms maria's, salsa, san diego didn't give any useful results. At any rate, they were demo-ing their tortilla chips, salsas, and guacamole as well as their spicy carrots. For those back east, spicy carrots is a popular side dish out here. It's steamed carrots and onions marinated in a medium spicy sauce.

The salsas are hand made, as opposed to machine made, and don't contain things like sugars, corn syrups, or preservatives. The chips were even low carb! And the sauces all tasted very good. In addition to the carrots and guac, you had a choice between Mild, Medium, Chipotle, Salsa Asada, Salsa Verde, and Habanero Salsa. You read that last one right. While most salsas are made spicy with chili peppers and or jalapenos, this one uses the scotch bonnet! It's not as spicy as you would think given that it has habaneros in it, but it is spicier that people who eat mild or medium would go for. What makes it good is the uniqueness of taste that the habanero adds to the salsa. If I find out where to get them, I'll let you folks know. I doubt it would ship well, though. You may have to come here to enjoy it. :)