Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth

What does it mean? It's a song from an internet band called Interrobang Cartel. Their music is bizarre and eclectic. I discovered them through a friend who is a part of the band. They have mp3s of all the songs they recorded. Go look! I think that there's something for everyone who likes bizarre lyrics there...

"Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" is my current favorite, although I have by no means listened to them all. The one you want is the London Share House mix, by CB. You'll also want to read the background on the song as it makes the lyrics more enjoyable. However, it's a catchy Brit-rock type tune that you may find yourself unable to stop humming!

I also enjoyed a few other tunes there. My friend kerri has "The Sun, She Explode" and duets on "Love of Stones". Both are enjoyable albeit very different from each other. Not sure how to characterize "Sun", but "Stones" is a pretty straightforward rock tune. I also recommend "The Final Frontier", "Planting Geraniums", and "Staffordshire Bull Terrier Portraits" as recorded by Casey B. Other songs of note "F--- the Bees", a kind of beatnik stream of consciousness number, "Rewind" (Simonian Mix), a space geek oriented rock ballad, and "She's a Geek Freak" for the synthesized music set. I plan to download some of these MP3s and add them to my playlist!