Sunday, January 16, 2005

Lying is ok if it's done patriotically

What do you do if you are a country music star who hasn't lived up to the potential the industry saw in you? If you're Chely Wright, the answer is simple. Write a cloying and condescending song about patriotism. Sing it for the troops. Then get your fan club to lie in order to get it air time. Now, I dom't know whether the 'incident' that inspired the song is true or not. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it is. And I think it is admirable that she went overseas to entertain our armed forces. I'm sorry, though. If your song can't climb the charts on its own merits, please don't capitalize on our people who are making great sacrifices to line your pockets. I realize she claims no knowledge of what her fan club was up to. I'm skeptical that nobody associated with her was aware. And I also refuse to buy into the rhetoric of "how important" the song is. To me, this does no more to support the troops than those stupid yellow ribbon magnets. You want to support the troops? Demand some accountability for what is going on over there.