Thursday, September 09, 2004

More California Differences

Having been here a little longer now, I'm starting to appreciate some of the differences beyond East and West being backwards to me. The latest thoughts revolve around the time difference. It's an adjustment to think of the folks back home as being three hours ahead. I was talking to my sister Sara-Anne yesterday as I drove home at 5:15. Her husband had just called to say he was leaving work. My first thought was that he was leaving early for a change. Well, if he had left at 5:15, that might have been true. However, he left at 8:15. Doh!

The time difference also makes the free calls after 9pm feature of my Verizon plan pretty useless. There's nobody I'd call that isn't in a time zone one or more hours away. Bleah.

There is a benefit to the time zone difference. At least there is for a sports junkie like me. I always know the score of the Sox game before I go to bed. Sometimes I know before I leave work! Even when they are out in Oakland, I don't have to stay up late to know they swept the A's - woo hoo!. I also don't have to stay up past midnight to watch night time football, like the Pats-Colts tonight. The vast benefit is lost on Lynnea, sadly.