Monday, September 13, 2004

100 Things about me...

A friend of mine passed along this little exercise to me. You have to try to list 100 things about yourself. It's far more challenging than it looks. As you start to list more things, you are forced to think a bit more about yourself. Granted you could cop out and put things like height, weight, hair color, eye color, the names of all your teachers from K-12, etc. But if you go with the spirit of the thing, it works out pretty well. Now, I'm not suggesting you all post your lists here. You are welcome to try, but I think there is a length limit on comments.

Ok, here's my list in no partiulcar order. I'm assuming this has to be things that most people don't know about me, so I'll skip some of the obviuous.

1. I used to sing in a men's acapella group.

2. My favorite food is Thai.

3. I love to dance, but when I do, I look like a demon scarecrow on acid.

4. My second toe is longer than my big toe.

5. My favorite sports to do are bicycling, basketball, and football.

6. No matter where I live, I'll always be a Red Sox and Patriots fan. (You'd be amazed how many people questioned me about this when I said I was moving to CA)

7. I used to do community theater and miss it very much.

8. I've been doing Improv for over 15 years and am hoping to find a group to do it with out here.

9. Once, when I was stage manager, I had to go on for one of the leads because he got pneumonia just prior to the final weekend of the show.

10. I STILL play Dungeons and Dragons.

11. I was once called a Marxist in a blog discussion, though I like to think of myself as more of a responsible capitalist.

12. I'm just getting into public storytelling and had a gig at the Chelmsford Library before moving.

13. I just sold my Magic the Gathering collection after 12 years and my comic book collection after 25 years! (This made Lynnea very happy)

14. I can't wait for Harry Potter 6 to come out.

15. We homeschooled Maya for 2 years. We just enrolled her in a bilingual (English/Spanish) charter school.

16. I have a Sheltie named Nala

17. My first car was a 1990 Buick Skylark. That was the year with the defective paint job, so all the paint peeled off it.

18. Of the cars I have owned and disposed of, none of the three were working when I got rid of them.

19. My current car is a 1996 Toyota Camry with 93,000 miles on it.

20. I have now lived in three different states: MA, MD, and CA.

21. I wanted to go to school for theater but my parents talked me out of it.

22. I've written two plays. Looking back on them, I still like one.

23. I play basketball almost every day at lunch.

24. I need to get back into weight lifting.

25. My middle name is Scott.

26. I met Lynnea (my wife) because I was her pledgemaster.

27. My favorite current TV shows are Alias, West Wing, and CSI.

28. My favorite no longer on shows are The Smothers Brothers, Babylon 5, and Laugh-in.

29. I've never had a traffic ticket. *knock wood*

30. I have run in exactly one road race, a 5k that I didn't train for. I finished two seconds ahead of Lynnea. ;-)

31. I am one half of "The Rappin' Rabbis". The other half is now a pediatrician in Orlando.

32. I really like amusement parks.

33. I can no longer go on the rides that spin around without getting motion sick.

34. I am a certified open water diver.

35. In the past few years, I've become really prone to seasickness, which sucks if you are trying to dive.

36. I've recently discovered that I like mowing the lawn, provided it is not too huge.

37. I like just about any style of music except gansta rap and country.

38. I have acted in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland.

39. I went to Israel when I was a teenager.

40. The closest I have come to terrorism was to be in a building the day before it was blown up.

41. I have three sisters and no brothers. Lynnea has three brothers and no sisters.

42. I have an autographed copy of "Last Chance to See", Doglas Adams' book about endangered species.

43. I've known how to program computers since I was in high school.

44. Some of my favorite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Robert Lynn Asprin, and William Shakespeare.

45. I used to play the trumpet and still do occasionally.

46. I was the town sheriff in this year's San Diego Renaissance Faire.

47. I now own my very own Renaissance Garb, complete with thigh high leather boots!

48. If I could go back to school for anything it would either be a PhD in folklore, or a PhD in mathematics.

49. I don't like Sushi. (And yes, I have tried it)

50. I had professional wedding pictures done at the Jefferson Memorial on July 4th with the fireworks in the background. Without a permit.

51. My parents are still married as are Lynnea's.

52. My shoe size is 10.5.

53. I have never had a hangover (*knock wood again*) though I have been drunk.

54. The three times I was most drunk were because of women.

55. My bachelor party was at an Irish Pub where we ate great food, drank good drink, and sang 'til the wee hours of the morning. No strippers.

56. I'm no good at darts. This is particularly true after several drinks at a bachelor party. (Don't ask me why they let us have pointy things you could throw in our condition...)

57. I consider my parents my friends and enjoy spending time with them.

58. Lynnea and I took the kids on vacation with my parents and we were all still on speaking terms when it was over.

59. I've never tried any recreational drugs other than alcohol and nitrous oxide.

60. My favorite musical is Les Miserables.

61. I've seen it in Providence, Boston, and London.

62. I passed up a full scholarship to any MA state school to go to WPI and take out massive student loans.

63. I taught myself to juggle while I was stuck at home with the chicken pox.

64. I was once accused of being a cop by some drug dealers and lived to tell the tale.

65. I worked as a security guard at a George Carlin concert.

66. I work with lasers.

67. I'm a registered independent.

68. I was in Florida on vacation during the 2000 Presidential election.

69. I like to cook and bake.

70. I was once in a car accident while dressed as Caesar Rodney, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. My makeup was pretty extensive to make me look like I was dying of cancer.

71. Back before the really scary days of terrorism, I managed to get extensively hassled by airport security because I looked suspicious. I was wearing a black
turtleneck, black dress pants, black shoes and socks, and a black leather jacket. I also had a three day growth of stubble. I was on crutches. They took them apart and sniffed my shampoo.

72. I like to parody songs.

73. Not surprisingly, Weird Al is one of my favorite recording artists. I own more of his albums than I do of any other artist.

74. I once modeled in a fashion show.

75. I'm a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity.

76. I'm on my sixth job in under 10 years. All of the changes have been voluntary.

77. I cut my own hair. Lynnea does the touch up work.

78. I have a finely honed sense of sarcasm.

79. I like to read out loud to my children. And they like to listen.

80. I am not one to be typecast. I have played a scientist, a woman, an African Explorer, one of the founding fathers of our country, and a giant, talking blackbird as well as many other things.

81. I don't like gory movies.

82. I showed up to the first day of kindergarten and told my teacher "There's nothing you can teach me. I already know it all."

83. While I was living in Maryland, I mailed my grandfather in Massachusetts a letter to tell him how much I loved him. He died before the letter got there.

84. I gave Emo Phillips directions in Edinburgh, Scotland.

85. When I was little, I had to have 18 stitches in the back of my head. (THAT explains a lot)

86. While in Toronto, I won one of those REALLY big stuffed animals on my first try at a carnival game.

87. My first non-kiddie rollercoaster was Space Mountain, when I was in high school. I got tricked into going on it. (Thanks B.O.B.)

88. I once held Top Secret clearance.

89. My ethnicity is Russian/German.

90. I've lived in New England for most of my life and have never been downhill skiing.

91. I've seen Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Rush, and Sting in concert. I've also seen the Beach Boys and the Bee Gees.

92. I still have a TI 99/4a stored away in the attic. As far as I know, it works.

93. I once dated sisters, though not simultaneously.

94. In my teen years, I worked at McDonald's and was awarded the Silver Spatula.

95. Children and animals generally like me.

96. My spatial awareness is not very good. I frequently walk into or bump some part of my body on walls, doorways, and other things.

97. I have been married for 9 years.

98. When I was a boy scout, I successfully completed the mile swim.

99. I came one thesis short of a master's degree in Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland. My grant ran out of money and they wanted me to work for three months for nothing while they tried to renew it.

100. I really enjoy card, board, and word games.

Man that was hard! It took me like four days to make
this list. Any other takers?