Thursday, September 16, 2004

Late "breaking" news

Sorry I haven't responded to any comments today. I have a huge deadline at work and my typing has been slowed a bit. It's hard to type when your right thumb is BROKEN. That's right, the amazing Brian has done it again. "How could you possibly break your thumb?" I hear you ask. Playing basketball. "What feat of clumsiness caused this?" you undoubtedly follow up. Oho! It was not clumsiness but extreme dexterity and timing. *grin* You see, were it not for my ninja-like reflexes, I would not have deflected that pass so close to its point of origin with my thumb. And the resultant direct hit on the top segment of my thumb would never have occurred. So, if not for my great agility, the bone in my thumb would not have broken between the first joint and the nail.

In case you are curious. After the amazing steal, I did score my teams first basket. Even with a broken thumb. Then more people arrived an I bailed in favor of X-Rays.