Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Uncle Bri rides again!

For those who don't know, my sister Sara-Anne has been due any day now for the last week and a half. She was due July 29, but the baby was being a bit stubborn. They were going to induce on August 12 if she hadn't delivered by then...

Around Saturday night, she said she was having "cramps" and her back hurt. She had also had some bleeding in her urine. Having never been pregnant before, she was not sure what this meant. She called my Sister, Samantha, who has a nigh 3 year old for advice. Sam's analysis: "You're almost two weeks late, you're having pains in your abdomen, there is pressure on your lower back, and you have 'bloody show'. Call the doctor." Sam figured this could be labor.

Sara-Anne didn't like that answer. Not sure why. She has been ready and waiting for over a week now. Still, she disbelieved. Her solution was to sit and lay on an ice pack Saturday night and all day Sunday. She was going to wait for her Monday morning check-up and ultrasound.

At the appointment, they did a check. Still no dilation and only 50% effacement. Time for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed the amniotic fluid level was getting a little low. They didn't think it was going to keep until Thursday. So, they decided to admit her. "Really?" she asked. Really.

She was whisked upstairs to a labor and delivery room and the phone tree was alerted. My sister Laurie ditched out of work and drove the three hours to Boston to assist my brother-in-law Rich with the labor coaching.

It took two doses of prostaglandin to get to 100% effacement and then they started the pitocin. At 6pm, she was only 2cm dilated. Not what you would call fast progress. My parents "happened to be in the neighborhood" because they needed to take out Sara and Rich's trash. So they stopped in to see if they could help.

At 3cm, Sara-Anne asked for the epidural. They told her they liked to wait until 5cm before doing that. She told them "No.". In the end, 3.5cm won out and the epidural began. At the last update I received last night at 10pm ET, she was only 4cm. She didn't fully dilate until 1 am. Then the pushing began. She pushed for 3 hours, but he didn't want to come out. Part of the problem was that he was facing the wrong way.

At 4am, the decided it was time for a C-Section. At 4:30am John Zachary Hawkins arrived. He weighed in at 9lbs 2oz and was 21" long. I don't think he'll be getting much use out of the newborn sized clothes! From what I've been told, everyone is doing well, but very tired. No pictures as of yet, but I'm an uncle again!