Monday, July 05, 2004

San Diego at First Sight

Ok. I've been here a week now. I suppose it is time to give my first impressions of my new home. It's hard to distill such a big topic down, but I'll try. I suppose the first and most obvious thing to talk about is the weather...

San Diego residents like to say that they have the perfect weather. And I find it hard to disagree with them. Thus far, almost every day has matcjhed the same description. The morning starts out a little cool and cloudy. By mid-morning, the sun has burned the clouds away and the temperature is 75-80 with low to no humidity. In the evening it cools down. It's been beautiful and I don't need to run the AC at night. I just open the windows and maybe run the ceiling fan.

Driving out here is an experience as well. San Diegans are both better and worse drivers than Bostonians. They are generally more courteous. I have yet to need to get over to reach an exit or something similar and fail to do so. I signal and someone lets me in. It takes some getting used to. However, there is also a higher incidence of weaving drivers and passing on the right. I attribute this to the greater number of lanes available. The main freeways are four to six lane affairs and every time I have been on one, some psycho feels the need to drive 90 and change lanes frequently.

I am definitely enjoying the cuisine. It's the best Mexican food I have had in the U.S. The chinese food is also good. Even the food at the company cafeteria is above average. There is a Mongolian Grill near the office that Lynnea has limited me to one visit per week. She knows I would probably go every day if I could. But what is there not to like? Grab a bowl. Select your choice of vegetables and meats from a wide array. Add sauces of your choosing ranging from plain soy to dragon oil. Bring it up and watch it cook. Magnificent! I still have to find a Thai place to try out but have high hopes.

I haven't had much experience with the local people thus far, but everyone I have talked to seems pretty friendly. The folks at work are all nice as are the people at my apartment complex. Nobody has been rude to me yet, so I guess that is a bonus.

I haven't seen many attractions, so I can't report on the zoo, parks, or anything like that. I'll try to review things like that separately as I experience them. What else would you like to know about this place?