Monday, July 30, 2007

Who Cares About Lindsay Lohan?

Actually, I do, but not for the reason that most of those who fawn over celebrity do. I am interested for the same reason I was interested in the Paris Hilton nonsense recently. I am bothered by the fact that celebrities get preferential treatment from the legal system out here in LA LA land. For those not as close to the epicenter as we are, Lindsay, fresh out of rehab, was pulled over for drunk driving about a week ago. She also had some cocaine on her. Oh, yes. And her license was suspended. Did I mention that she was chasing another car? That’s right. The police were called by the other driver. The latest version I read stated that the occupants of the other car were LiLo’s personal assistant who had just quit and the assistant’s mom. She was chasing them because she was drunk and mad at the girl for quitting.


With all of that, you figure she must be in jail, right? Nope. She was released on $25,000 bail. I’m pretty sure she didn’t even spend the night. It’s lucky that she didn’t kill anybody. Personally, I think a repeat drunk driver, especially one on a suspended license, needs to do some real time to get the message home. Clearly rehab is not working for this train wreck. Is her contribution to society so great that we need to look the other way for her?