Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Airplane, Torpedo, Machine Gun

Voldemom and the kids went to the San Diego Air and Space Museum yesterday. The museums in Balboa Park are free on Tuesdays and they are air conditioned. Education and comfort! Who could ask for anything more? As they explored, Maya began devising her own version of rock-paper-scissors based on the things in the museum. Hers is a two handed version. Airplane (palms facing you, hands crossed, thumbs linked such that your hands look like wings), Torpedo (palms touching, fingers straight, all fingers and thumbs pointing forward), and Machine Gun (palms touching, index fingers pointing forward, thumbs pointing upward, other fingers clasped). Airplane bombs torpedo. Torpedo blows up machine gun nest. Machine gun shoots down airplane. Pretty simple, right?


They were walking around the museum playing and Josh felt left out. They explained the game to him in detail. They taught him all the signs. Maya and Josh squared off for the confrontation. One-two-three-shoot! Maya threw torpedo. Josh threw scissors.


They had another round of rules discussions. They reviewed the signs. This time he had it. Josh was sure. Again they squared off. Again they stared each other down. One-two-three-shoot! This time, Maya threw machine gun. Josh threw his arms up and surrendered.