Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shakeup in the High Court

Sorry. Bad pun. And the situation isn’t actually humorous. They have no explanation for the Chief Justice’s seizure, and since it is his second one on record, that makes it epilepsy. That doesn’t mean he is going to have daily seizures. It doesn’t mean he isn’t either. It’s like so many other disorders involving the brain. There’s a catch-all category for the ones they can’t definitively identify. The best I’ve read says that since he has had two seizures, even though they were separated by a good many years, there is a 60% chance he will have another. Someday. Nebulous, huh? The big question is, what should be done about it. Politics aside, what do you think ought to happen? Should he wait to see how long it is before it happens again and then decide? Or should he undertake more rigorous tests and observation? Perhaps alter his lifestyle? He says he is fine to resume his duties. What do you all think?