Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How Much Would You Pay?

Well, my long silence has ended. Will it last? Who knows. The desire is there, but the drive seems to fail me when it comes time to post. And speaking of the drive failing me...

Yes. Check out these lovely pictures of the rear left corner of my car. I was involved in a minor accident. Who was at fault? That depends on whether or not you think the hydrant was capable of movement. This is what happens when a hydrant is in your blind spot and there is a curb preventing you from cutting the wheel back.

Unfortunately for me, the hydrant was not a residential one, but rather an industrial one. Those are just a bit taller and have protrusions at the top and the center. The height, as you can see, is just right for denting a bumper and a corner panel at the same time. I wasn't even backing up fast. I didn't hit the accelerator at all. I just put it in gear, rolled backwards, and CRUNCH!

The dent was of sufficient size and location so as to prevent my trunk from opening without professional assistance. I called the insurance company to find out if there was any help there. They told me that if I filed a claim and the damage was over $750, I'd get 2 points added to my license and my premiums would skyrocket. So, I opted not to use the service I pay so handsomely for. Instead, I went to a body shop. Anyone care to guess what they want to fix it? This would include the bumper, the trunk, the dent, and the paint.



I checked the blue book value on this guy and, if it were in excellent condition (which it damn well better be after $2800 of body work) it would be worth $5700. The value if I can get the trunk open and leave it as is? $4700. Trade-in value as is? $3000. I will, of course, be getting a second opinion. I mean, that is freaking nuts. What is the insurance definition of totaled? For some, it is 51% of value. If we assume a middle ground valuation due to the fact that the car was not in "Excellent" condition before I crunched it, that gets us $5200. That means my repairs would be around 54% of the vehicle's value. I backed into a hydrant at under 5 mph and totaled my car.

How humiliating.

Stay tuned. The saga continues.