Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fun With Microwaves

I have to blog this story because of all the fun James and I used to have with Microwaves. Apparently, some researchers in Florida have determined that microwaving a sponge kills the bacteria. They proved this by soaking a sponge in waste water and microwaving it for 2 minutes. After reading the reports, people had to try for themselves. They ran into problems. Can anyone guess? That's right, they didn't WET the sponges. They microwaved dry sponges with unfortunate results. Of course, they blamed the reporting agencies. Here's my favorite quote:

First, the sponge is worthless afterwards so you have to throw it out instead of using it. And second your entire house stinks like a burning tire for several hours, even with windows/doors open,
You know, because the burning sponge isn't an indication that he's done it wrong. That was obviously part of the experiment. Yet another thing to add to the disclaimer list.