Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rainy Season? What Rainy Season?

Here in San Deigo, December to February is considered the rainy season. We're basically a desert climate with an average annual rainfall of about 5.6 inches from July to the beinning of February. Imagine my surprise when it seemed to always be raining during my first year here. Every time someone visited me, it was raining. "I thought you said the weather here was good!" they lamented. From July to January, we got 13.4 inches of rain. For the full year from July to June, we got 22.5 inches! I was told not to get used to it. I was told it was an aberration. And I'm beginning to believe them. The grand total thus far from July to now? 1.3 inches. The real test is coming, though. My folks are going to be here in a couple weeks. Any predictions as to how many inches of rain we get during their stay?

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