Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sorry for the lack of content...

We went camping last weekend on Mount Palomar. I took Friday off and everything! So, that put me behind at work with the end of quarter coming up. We have these quarterly MBOs (Managed Business Objectives) here. And our raises and bonuses are tied to how we do on them. So, there is always a flurry of activity at the end of each quarter as people try to complete things that are not yet done. So, of course, I took a day off. But that's not all! I'm taking of this Friday and Tuesday to make July 4th a REALLY long weekend. That means I have shaved off my buffer. Typically, your assessment of your MBOs is due on the Tuesday after the quarter ends, give or take. So, I have had to work pretty frenetically to get mine done. They're not done yet, but I'm pretty close. So, no more posting until after the holiday.

My evenings are spoken for as well. We are packing to go to Sequoia National Park for the holiday. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon. So, there is prep for that as well. However, I do have some cool photos of the Palomar Observatory that I will be posting when I return. I'll also have some great redwood photos as well. All that, plus another couple Karma stories! So, check back on July sixth and see what I had to say to your comments and what I had to say for myself!

Oh, and Wombat? When next you comment, include a link to your blog as well, please. I'd like to roll it. I bet.

Peace out and Happy Independence Day!