Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yet Another Blog

I know. Just with the internet needs, right? And why would I start another one when I am doing such a poor job of keeping this one up? Excellent question. Don't know the answer. I'm probably just easily distracted by shiny...oooh! A fire engine! What was I saying? Oh, yes. New blog. My friend Kitten Herder wanted to start a blog to practice fiction writing, so she started Handing Over the Kayboard and asked me to be one of the administrators.

The idea is not a new one. One of us will post the opening to a story. Anyone can add to the story through the comments. The idea is to build the story in a constructive way. Don't throw away or undo anyone else's work. We may also start a commentary thread for each story as they go. That will be the place for constructive feedback. So far, only she and I have written anything. I'd love to have others join in.