Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sometimes They Do, Josh

Sometimes, I wonder where they get this stuff. We had a very weird conversational exchange at my house the other night. Here is the scene: Maya was trying on jeans and commenting on the size of her butt. She-who-is-no-help-at-all decided to have some fun with our Middle Schooler.
Mom: You do have a big butt, honey. I can't lie.
Me: No she doesn't. You're fine, Maya.
Mom: She does, but not in a bad way.
Me: *sigh*
Mom: It's a cute butt. Someimes, boys like a girl with a cute butt.

She was clearly trying to embarrass Maya. But Maya was playing along and having fun. Then, out of left field:

Josh: Sometimes they like hot, sexy girls.