Friday, December 07, 2007

Special Hanukkah Treat

It's Hanukkah time again and we are hip deep and enjoying the heck out of it. We've been pretty busy, so our evening is usually candle lighting, presents, bed. But everyone is having fun, so I guess it's OK. The only real setback is that I have not been able to find Hanukkah candles in Escondido. No. There's nothing special required to make them Hanukkah candles. It's just that when they are labeled thusly, you know they are the right size for the menorah. Instead, we have used birthday candles and thin tapers and I've just melted the heck out of the bottoms to get them to stay standing. Still, it seems that we haven't been doing Hanukkah right. At least we aren't according to East Coast grocer Balducci's. They have some products that would be "Delicious for Hanukkah" that I hadn't considered. See for yourself.