Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Headlines That Make You Giggle

Sadly, this one is not online. It comes from my local free newspaper, Today's Local News. They have a web site, but it has pretty much no content. At any rate, there is a murder trial going on in which a routine traffic stop led to the slaying of a police officer. Here's today's installment.

Defendant described as 'Maniacal'; 'Courteous'

There was a main headline over it that tied it to the murder case. That one didn't stick with me. Still, this one was plenty big, even as the sub-heading. I realize that he was probably labeled thusly by different people, but come on. I the testimony conflicts, it should not be part of the headline. Why not "Conflicting testimony on defendant's character". I can just see the courtroom.

Attorney: So, you witnessed the defendant shoot the victim?
Witness: Yes
Attorney: And could you describe for the court the demeanor of the defendant?
Witness: He was like a maniac. He had a crazed look in his eye. He was ignoringthe world around him as he shot the officer repeatedly.
Attorney: You'd describe him as maniacal?
Witness: Yes, but courteous. He apologized to me for getting brains on my bumper and offered to pay for a car wash.